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Welcome to the site of John Kiely, Landscape Photographer. This site serves two purposes, firstly to house the learning materials that I produce, and secondly, to show my portfolios.I seem to have been involved in photography all of my life, getting my first medium format camera at the age of 11. I trained at Derby from 1979 – 1982. As a landscape photographer, I had to go there once I discovered John Blakemore was a lecturer, he is still a strong influence on my work today. While there I also met Paul Hill, who’s tremendous support and enthusiasm I wish I could emulate with my students.I have been a commercial photographer in Cumbria and a General Practice photographer in Manchester, but I was never really happy with either of these. I started to teach photography at what was then Arden 6th Form College in 1984, and after several changes of identity the college is now The Manchester College, and I am still there!I have gone from large format black and white to mainly digital images over the years, and have enjoyed every challenge along the way. Last year I rediscovered the joys of black and white photography! I've taken the digital back off my Hasselblad and have gone back into the dark. This years challenge is a return to large format on an MPP Mk VII 5x4 and a Sinar Norma with a 5x7 back